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Incident Response and Forensics

With an estimated 42 million incidents occurring each year, it’s likely you will be hit with ongoing security incidents. Without effective incident management, an incident could result in loss of services. At the least, it may leave you unsure about what data was disclosed and whether contracts, privacy obligations and compliance standards were breached. In order to respond to these incidents effectively, it’s imperative you implement formal incident management.

Incident response enables you to:

• Have greater visibility over your environment
• Be armed with the right knowledge at the right time, to proactively respond to incidents as they occur
• Effectively contain incidents
• Protect your data and key business processes
• Protect your organisation’s reputation and brand
• Quickly return to business-as-usual

From detection to recovery – how we can help

When an incident occurs, a Security Flame dedicated incident response consultant will help you, from detecting the incident to final closure. Our consultant will assist in investigating and containing the incident, recovering systems and importantly, will analyse the incident for lessons learned. Our consultant will coordinate any service you require. This includes performing an investigation, forensics and malware analysis to efficiently and effectively contain the incident and respond accordingly.

Test your incident response

Access our incident response testing and red team services to test how effective your incident response really is. For example, our experienced security team will simulate a real attack with the same techniques that attackers likely use. This type of simulation helps unearth whether the incident is detected, whether incident response procedures are appropriately triggered, and whether all personnel know their roles and responsibilities.


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